A sewing table with fabric, sewing pattern cutting tools such as pattern weights, pattern wheel, large pattern transfer paper

Easy Way to transfer pattern markings to fabric

It's amazing how long you put up sewing with things being awkward just because it's the way it's always been done! I was marking out my sewing pattern markings onto the fabric with the small dressmakers pattern marking carbons like I usually do,  and suddenly I became really frustrated about how small the transfer paper was.

They're fantastic for smaller projects, but when you're tackling something larger like a jacket or a maxi dress, they can be a real hassle, right?

Well, I decided to do some digging to see if I could find anything larger that might do the job!   I sometimes use other methods like tailors tacks, or chalk to transfer pattern markings to fabric but the quickest way to go is usually  a tracing wheel carbon and patternweights.  After a lot of searching, I found something on a Woodworking site and they had just the thing.  It's been an absolute game-changer in my little sewing room!

 Small Pattern cutting Carbon Sheets vs. Big Projects

You know the struggle – you're transferring those markings from the pattern onto your fabric. But those small carbon sheets just don’t seem to cut it when you’re dealing with larger pieces of fabric. It feels like you’re constantly repositioning and readjausting then I found woodworking wax free transfer paper. Yes, the  woodworking guys have been keeping this a secret! 

Size does matter -  12ft by 12-inch Carbon Sheets

Imagine having a carbon sheet that’s not just bigger, but significantly larger – 12 feet by 12 inches! I bought every colour they had which was about five, so I could pick one that suited my fabric.  I am very careful with this and any other carbon paper about permanently marking my fabric so – I stick to using them on the wrong side of the fabric only. I noticed the white, does leave a little residue but I press lightly and keep to the wrong side of the fabric only.

 Sharing Is Caring

Now I can't find this from the supplier I used to buy it from anymore, but I found that Amazon has starting selling it.  Try Saral Wax Free Transfer paper for yourself and let me know how you go!  Of course you can use it to mark other things not just fabric!

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